Business hours

Shops 10:00~20:00
Restaurants 11:00~


Toyamarché, Kitokito Market
Shops 9:00~20:30
Winter business hour/
Restaurants 10:00~
Noren Yokocho, Toyamarché
Toyamarché EATS de Meets
Seven Eleven Heart-in

Marier Toyama

Business hours and last orders vary by restaurant. For details, please check the information of each store.
Business hours may differ due to the COVID-19. Please contact each store for details.


Access by car

  • 20-minute drive from Toyama Interchange

Access by train

  • Short walk from JR Toyama Station, Ainokaze Toyama Railway Toyama Station, Toyama Chihou Railway Dentetsu Toyama Station, City Tram Toyama Station

Access by bus

  • Short walk from Toyama Ekimae bus stop on the Toyama Chitetsu Bus and "Maidohaya" community bus




Place 1F
Time 9:00~20:30
(12/1~2/28 Winter business hour/9:00~20:00)
Telephone number 076-445-4510
  • General inquiries
  • Affiliated parking lot services
    *Parking services for Times Maroot parking lot, Times Toyamarché parking lot, and Times Marier Toyama parking lot are provided at each store.
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Support for lost children or lost persons
  • Support for lost and found property
  • Application for M-Plus Card enrollment
    *You can also register at any of the stores
  • Introduction of M-plus Card points and confirmation of the expiration date


Japan Post Bank

Toyamarché, Kitokito Market 9:00~21:00

The Hokuriku Bank

Marier Toyama1F 7:00~21:00
Toyamarché, Kitokito Market 9:00~21:00

Seven Bank

Toyamarché, Kitokito Market 9:00~21:00
Maroot 10:00~22:00

Other services

Customers with small children

Diaper-changing table

Maroot 4F Restroom
Marier Toyama 2F, 4F, 6F Women's Restroom, 5F

Nursing area

Maroot 4F Restroom (with hot water heater)
Marier Toyama 5F (without hot water heater)

Disabled customers


Please contact the information counter on the 1F of Maroot.

Multi-purpose restroom

There is a multi-purpose restroom with handrails that can be used by wheelchair users

Maroot 2F、4F
Toyamarché Toyamarché, Kitokito Market
Marier Toyama 2F、5F、7F

Customers who smoke

Smoking area

Maroot 4F
Toyamarché Noren Yokocho

Other services

AED (automated external defibrillator)

Maroot 1F, near the north entrance, 4F, near the smoking area
Toyamarché Near the restroom of Toyamarché, Kitokito Market
Marier Toyama 1F, near the elevator

Foreign currency exchange machine

Toyamarché, Kitokito Market Near the ATM

Cell phone charger

Maroot 4F, near the elevator on south side
Toyamarché Near the escalator of Toyamarché, Kitokito Market
Marier Toyama 6F

Wi-Fi (Toyama Free Wi-Fi)

Maroot 1F~4F
Toyamarché Toyamarché, Kitokito Market
Noren Yokocho, Toyamarché
Toyamarché EATS de Meets
Marier Toyama 1F~7F


The following credit cards can be used

The following electronic money can be used

The following barcode payment methods are available*Some stores may differ